20 Days For $20

Why Would You Settle For Just One Week?

Most studios offer your a ‘FREE WEEK’ to get you in the door.

Then sale’s people apply pressure to sign up for an expensive membership.

At Spirit, you get 3 weeks for a limited commit.

Take your time. Try every class. Get comfortable in our space.

What You Get

Unlimited Classes

Discounted Workshops

Bring A Friend Free!

Have Questions? Contact Us: Info@spirityogastudios.com


Don’t worry, we were there once too…

If you are excited about the idea of yoga, yet intimidated about stepping into a room where everyone knows more than you… We have a good first step.


With private yoga lessons, you get One-on-One attention to help you feel comfortable in your practice.

Personalized instruction helps to zero in on your goals based on your health, body type and lifestyle — and on your time.

We’ll carefully select on of our expert teachers to craft classes that meet your personal needs. Fill out the form below to learn more about private yoga packages and schedule a session.