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every great journey begins with a single step

We know the hardest part of the yoga practice is getting started and we pride ourselves on offering a class to suit everyone’s needs. Our yoga classes range from gentle (Yin, Stretch & Restore, and Yin/Yang) to beginner-friendly, more athletic and vigorous vinyasa styles (Spirit 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5), all centering around intelligent, functional, and breath-focused movement. We also offer beginner-friendly meditation and mindfulness classes. We recommend starting with a gentle or Level 1 class, and we hope you’ll reach out to us for any questions with getting started!

All Levels Flow

All Levels Flow explores the fundamentals of flow yoga while holding space for students to move into intermediate and advanced postures if desired. This class allows students to enjoy a well-rounded physical and mental yoga experience at a steady, mindful pace that allows for a strong connection of body, movement, and breath.

Advanced Flow

Advanced Flow encourages students to enhance physical fitness and mental focus. This class incorporates a wider variety of transitions and challenging postures. Each class is focused on preparing the body for specific advanced movements and postures, though modifications and variations will be given often. Although challenging, this class is accessible to all students with some level of yoga experience.

Fit Flow

Fit Flow is a high-energy 45-minute class focused on strength building, muscular tone and endurance, and working up a sweat. This class works the full body, while increasing awareness on the power of mindful breath and functional movement.

Inversion Flow

Inversion Flow invites students to engage in a more playful and acrobatic practice. This class focuses on conditioning the body to explore advanced inversions and arm balances with strength, grace, and style.

Release & Restore

Release & Restore is an all levels class designed to relax and and renew the body. Most postures are held for up to 5 minutes in order to release tension that builds up in major muscles groups do to more rigorous forms of exercise. This class also provides a space for students to slow down and focus on moving breath through their body and slowing down the mind into a peaceful and meditative state.