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10% Discount On Retail

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10% Off Workshops

There are no doubts that adding the practice of yoga to your life has a multitude of benefits- from increased strength and flexibility, to a boost in metabolism, to sense of peace and tranquility, yoga can really change your life in magnificent ways. But what does it take to receive these benefits? You might feel pretty good after your first couple classes, but the real life changing, health enhancing, happiness boosting benefits of yoga come with a regular practice of 2-4 classes per week. What we’ve found after years in the yoga industry is almost all of the people who attend class enough to really enjoy the life changing benefits of yoga are those that sign up as a member, committing themselves not only to a studio, but to themselves. We hope you will join our community and let us help you to help yourself.

Other Membership Perks:

  • Discount on retail- 20% – Support your practice and lifestyle with locally made products
  • Discount on workshops- 20% – Move deeper, learn more, build community
  • Bring a Friend for Free (Every member gets 1 buddy pass per month. Pick a class, pick a pal, and show up early. Its on us)



All memberships will automatically charge on the same day each month from the first payment date until written notice is sent to Members@spirityogastudios.com with at least 14 days notice preceding the next billing cycle.