At Spirit, we take different approach to Teacher Training. We believe that all of our trainees should be exposed to a wide variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative. We also believe that each teacher is unique and our YTT instructors focus on helping trainees cultivate their own voice in an environment that is safe and rewarding. 

Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or looking for something more advanced, our intention is to create independent yoga practictioners with the knowledge and skills to create a fulfilling career as a Yoga instructor.

All of our Programs are Yoga Alliance Certified

Our 200 Hour Program is designed to give you a solid foundation and provide a comfortable space for you to practice with guidance from experienced teachers. Our 300 hour program is designed to take you deeper. It is offered in a module format so that you can take the entire training at once, or focus on only the pieces that are important to you. 

What you can expect:

 • Experienced teachers with deep knowledge and compassion for their students. 

 • A lot of one on one contact and training time. We limit the amount of students per training so you get more attention.

 • A strong commitment to your personal development. We have hired at least one from every one of our trainings. And we always look to promote from within.

If you would like further information, please take a look at our video and then get further information by clicking on the links for our 200 and 300 Hour Programs. 

If you are ready to apply, please fill out the contact form below, and our lead instructor will contact you shortly to discuss more details. 

Our Teacher Training Instructors

Daniela Kent | Our Lead Teacher at Spirit Yoga, Daniela has 10 years experience teaching and still continuosly studies various yogic disciplines including Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Restorative, Shivananda, and Iyengar. Daniela has a deep connection to yoga philosophy and believes a classical heart and a service-centered approach to teaching and living yoga is both healing and life-changing.

Jonathon Old-Rowe | Jon credits yoga for saving his life and keeping him out of prison. Afetr almost 20 years of teaching, he believes that the best yoga teacher can be found inside of each and every student, as long as the student is willing to do the work. Jon brings his devotion to the tradition of the yoga practice, especially in regards to chanting, meditation, and deep introspection.

Lauren Padula | Lauren is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an expert in Anatomy especially as it relates to proper posture within yoga poses. Her knowledge helps trainees to instruct yoga in an intelligent, functional, and therapeutic way. Lauren believes that yoga asana can empower people to connect to themselves and become more embodied. 

Johnny Fay | Johnny is a surfer turned Yogi. After taking his first yoga class, Johnny found that yoga practice gave him a better understanding of the meditation, presence, and bliss he experienced riding waves. Inspired by yoga’s power, Johnny has studied yoga extensively in Nepal and San Diego. Johnny brings a strong physical practice and a powerful instruction of hands-on adjustments.

In addition to our experienced instructors at Spirit Yoga, we also bring storng outside instructors for lectures on specific pieces of our trainings. To see a full list of our teachers for each traing, please click the links to the indivdual trainings below. 


Starting at $1,750

Build a strong foundation from which to grow.


Starting at $2,750

Put in the time and master your craft.


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