Founded as an accepting, warm sanctuary, Spirit Yoga is PB’s community Yoga Studio, offering comfortable, earthy vibes, and a place to connect with your yoga community.


About Us


In 2012, Brad Hylton opened up Spirit Yoga with a clear vision. “…make quality yoga instruction accessible and affordable for everyone.” And so, a donation based studio was born. Slowly, a thriving community began to grow. After a few short years it became clear that strictly donation based yoga was not going to be enough to support our teachers and help them thrive. Therefore, we decided that it was our responsibility to help teachers make a living wage. We made a commitment to pay our teachers more while keeping classes affordable to the community.

Since then, Spirit has evolved a lot. On March 1st, 2020, Dana & Torrey Short purchased Spirit Yoga, excited by the community feel that it offered. Just 16 days later, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, closing the doors to the studio. Over the next year, we banded together with our amazing instructors to offer virtual classes and, eventually, outdoor classes, constructing a makeshift studio in the back parking lot. Spring brought hope and a slow return to “normalcy.” Although our first year at Spirit was a challenge, it has only strengthened our commitment to the Spirit community and our mission to offer quality yoga classes with amazing instructors in a beautiful environment.

We firmly believe that we have the best yoga teachers in Pacific Beach with a fair price that reflects our quality. We wouldn’t be here without the people who practice here every day. Our membership number has grown every year and we hope to continue into the future. Thank you for your love and support. We are grateful every day.


Check out this article in shoutoutsosal to read more about the Shorts experience opening a business in the midst of a national pandemic.


At Spirit, we believe that the surrounding environment affects a person’s ability to practice. Therefore, we have designed one of the most beautiful yoga studio spaces around.

From the moment you enter our lobby, you will see lots of natural wood, natural light, plenty of seating and storage space, and a beautiful hand painted image representing our logo. Inspirational quotes are on the walls. Allow the rich woods & earth tones to ground & center you.



It is our belief that yoga can dramatically improve each individual on the planet. Yoga makes you strong, calmer, and more conscious of everything around you. And if each person follows this path, it is only a matter of time before the world gets on board. First, a person must help themselves. Then they can support their family. From there they can help their community, and continue growing outward. By elevating a person’s mind, body, and spirit, we believe that eventually the entire planet will follow suit. We are just doing our small part. Come join San Diego’s best yoga community and see where the journey takes you…


Everyone follows a different path. Walking into a studio where everyone knows your name, cares about you, and helps you develop is our way of supporting your journey. Part of our mission is to cultivate that sense of community at Spirit. Come chat with us before a class, ask questions, and say hello to your neighbors. We are all in this together!


The purpose of Yoga is to enhance the union between mind, breath, and body. In turn, this leads to a greater sense of peace, health, and happiness. At Spirit, there is a balance in our classes. Each class has its own level of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Therefore, we can meet different students at different levels in their practice. We believe this process will not only help our students but help the communities in which they live and interact.