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Align + Expand Retreat

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

May 16th-22nd, 2024


The Align and Expand retreat offers more than a respite in a beautiful, exotic place. It will help facilitate a journey of personal discovery, liberation and expansion. 

Margy implements the methodologies she’s learned through attending trainings, working with coaches and taking courses to help you gain clarity around the beliefs you hold and how they’re affecting your current situation. As she likes to say “your beliefs about what’s possible for you and about what you deserve create your current situation”.

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” Hal Elrod



During our week together, you’ll practice next level self-care and luxuriate like you deserve it (because you do!). You’ll also get clear on what needs to change for you to bring forth the life you crave.


Each day will provide a morning ritual (with light breathwork, intention setting, and gratitude practices), 2 yoga classes, healthy meals, individual down time and access to the beach, pool and amenities that support your well being. Four of the days will include workshops to support you in becoming the person you need to be to create the life you desire.


You’ll leave the retreat with clarity around who you really are, what you truly want, and a plan to inch toward where you want to be. You’ll feel clear, lighter, energized, excited, supported, and like the world is actually your oyster (because it is).


  • Margy teaches yoga, facilitates women’s circles, hosts events and guides retreats, all with the intention of empowering people to live the full, expansive life of their dreams.


  • She believes that everyone deserves to live a life they’re excited about and in awe of, and is here to help you reconnect to your true nature, step into your authenticity, and live confidently aligned and in integrity with the person you want to (and can!) be.


  • Margy’s yoga classes balance strength building and flow. Yoga has been one of the most empowering practices for her, as so many of the lessons on the mat can be taken off the mat into our day-to-day lives.


  • Outside of the yoga space, Margy has worked with coaches, attended the five day “Journey” personal growth retreat through Awakening Trainings, and has completed To Be Magnet neural reprogramming courses.

What’s included in this 6-day journey?

Expert Travel Support

Room to Roam supports your entire travel process with personalized flight recommendations, all pre-travel preparations and instructions, and direct communication with our team if you have any questions! We save you the time and hassle of the planning so you can focus on the experience. Adventure, simplified.

Boutique Hotel Stay

6 nights in a beautiful boutique hotel just steps from the sand.  Equipped with a pool, onsite restaurant + bar, and the bright, modern rooms all fitted with A/C, hot water, and Wifi.

Food + Drink

Unlimited food, fresh juice, and non-alcoholic refreshments from our onsite restaurant that features fresh + local options for all types of eaters. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Daily Yoga 

Moving our bodies creates space physically, mentally, and energetically. Allow your body's natural flow and wisdom to shine, releasing old patterns and resistance that have been holding you back.

Daily Workshops 

Workshops to explore the opportunity of taking a step back to see things more clearly, reconnect with your potential and innate power and reset, so that you may create the life that your soul craves.


**After the retreat, you’ll have access to an accountability group and you’ll receive two 1:1 calls with Margy for extra support.**


Catamaran Snorkel Cruise

The perfect addition to your dream tropical vacation: set sail on a relaxing snorkel sunset cruise, leaving from nearby Playa Flamingo. Glide along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast and take in the beautiful views of beaches, bays, and jungles. Booze, a light lunch, snorkeling, and snacks are all included!

Diamante Adventure Park + Ziplining

A Diamante fun-filled day includes a fantastic Costa Rica zipline course with the longest ride times and features a nearly mile-long ocean view line Superman-style, a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump and a hanging bridge over crocodiles.

Tamarindo Night Market

Enjoy authentic Caribbean Curry cliffside, overlooking the ocean with the best view Gigante has to offer.

Daily Surf Opportunities

Our home break is less than a 5 min walk from the hotel. We have on-site surf coaches and guides to support you, regardless of experience.

Airport Shuttle

Roundtrip ground transportation between the airport + hotel. The best airport to fly into is Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica, just under an hour away from the hotel.  We pick you up directly and easily right from the airport!


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