Founded as an accepting, warm sanctuary, Spirit Yoga is PB’s community Yoga Studio, offering comfortable, earthy vibes, and a place to connect with your yoga community.




Explore the fundamentals of flow yoga and ‘breath to movement.’  Our all-levels flow class allows space for students to continue foundational poses or to move into intermediate and advanced postures. Students will  enjoy a well-rounded physical and mental yoga experience connecting body, movement, and breath. Good for everyone from beginner to advanced. 

*Schedule will indicate heated (90-95 F) versus non-heated classes.


This invigorating class builds upon the intermediate variations introduced in our Spirit Flow and incorporates more advanced postures, vigorous pacing, and transitions. This class also emphasizes using breath to empower the body and optimize performance.

*Schedule will indicate heated (90-95 F) versus non-heated classes.


This fluid and high-energy class builds upon the foundations of Spirit Flow with added intensity that focuses on cardiovascular health and strength-building. This class also emphasizes using the breath for optimal athletic performance.

*Schedule will indicate heated (90-95 F) versus non-heated classes.


For those students who want to enhance physical fitness and mental focus. This class incorporates a wider variety of transitions and challenging postures. Each class is focused on preparing the body for specific advanced movements and postures, though modifications and variations will be given often. Although challenging, this class is accessible to all students with some level of yoga experience.

*Schedule will indicate heated (90-95 F) versus non-heated classes.


This slow-paced and rejuvenating class focuses on releasing muscular tension, restoring the nervous system, and quieting the mind. A great class for all levels, students can slow down, focus on feeling their bodies, and use their breath to create a peaceful and meditative state.


Enjoy an ashtanga-inspired flow class, taking concepts and movements from ashtanga and combining them with the vinyasa style.
This intermediate class explores the ashtanga primary series (ashtanga is a set sequence of postures intentionally woven together to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.) Considered a more “athletic” style of yoga, each class will build off of the primary series, interwoven with the creativity of vinyasa, and create a solid, alignment-based foundation, giving you a chance to truly develop and advance your practice, in body and mind. Expect to be challenged, discover new postures and to truly see and feel the transformation.

*Schedule will indicate heated (90-95 F) versus non-heated classes.


Experience an all-levels class combining intentional movement and allowing time for meditation as well! This class will begin with movement that nourishes the spinal column, neck, shoulders, hips, endocrine system, nervous system, brain function, & heart flow. This class focuses on priming our body to be in its peak state in meditation by movement (so the mind gets out of the way to enhance your meditative experience.) A variety of meditations will be offered during each session. This is a chance for the student to come try on different tools to take home & implement in their daily routine. Research has shown that a daily habit of meditation and movement strengthens memory, attention, self awareness, & decreases stress & anxiety. This class is a stepping stone to dedicating time for your mental clarity & your physical vitality.