Founded as an accepting, warm sanctuary, Spirit Yoga is PB’s community Yoga Studio, offering comfortable, earthy vibes, and a place to connect with your yoga community.


Yoga Teachers

A Studio is only as good as its teachers …

Lindsay Phillips

Home Town:
Medina, OH
Favorite Hobby: New York Times crossword puzzle
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream (but I never feel guilty about it)

Favorite Asana: Wild thing!


Yoga had been a stabilizing force in Lindsay’s life for over a decade by the time she decided to do her teacher training. Growing up as a dancer, moving in her body had always been a source of solace for her. She initially approached the practice from a purely physical point of view, but the longer she did yoga, the more she began to apply it to every aspect of her life — to create better flow, not just on her mat, but in her everyday activities. An anatomy nerd at heart, with a background in teaching both dance and Pilates, she found her way to Spirit Yoga where she did her 200 hour YTT in 2019. Prior to that she taught, lived and practiced in New York and Cleveland (where she was born and raised.)

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Jacqueline Doyle

Dorchester, MA
Favorite Hobby: Hiking, cooking and anything near the ocean

Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate with almonds, in all forms

Favorite Asana: Supported matsyasana (fish posture)


A lifelong dancer, Jacqueline completed her RYT 200 certification at Spirit Yoga in 2018. Spirit has been her home since the day she moved to San Diego.

In her teaching, she emphasizes the connection of the breath to the mind, body and spirit through movement. Her classes focus on proper alignment and engagement, development of the self, and the connection of the physical practice to yoga philosophy. Jacqueline encourages students to show up authentically and discover that the yoga practice are invaluable tools in and out of the studio.

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Margy Goodman

Portland, ME

Favorite Hobby: Going on adventures – whether near or far, I love exploring new places!

Guilty Pleasure: Organizing, drinking wine, and allowing myself to do less and just be.

Favorite Asana: Urdhva dhanurasana (wheel)


Margy has been practicing yoga since 2009 and completed her 200 hour teacher training at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla. She discovered Ashtanga yoga while living in Costa Rica, which continues to influence her teaching style. She loves to challenge her students, as she believes yoga is a tool for transformation and empowerment, and the practice shows us our true capabilities. In each of Margy’s classes you can expect a full-body, strength-building flow, with breathing, gratitude and mindfulness practices interwoven. She believes that living life with intention is paramount, and encourages her students to take the lessons learned on the mat out into the world for a fuller, more exceptional life!

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Kelly Collins

Tustin, CA

Favorite Hobby: My podcast and hiking 🙂

Guilty Pleasure: A good glass of red wine

Favorite Asana: Supported fish pose


Kelly completed her 200 hour certification in Bali in 2015 and is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM since 2009. Kelly’s classes blend energizing asana with mental focus. Kelly believes that the yoga practice can be life-changing and a powerful way to connect with spirit.

Visit: and Woke Wellness Podcast

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Kristin Bly

Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite Hobby: Live music: I have seen my favorite band over 160 times. That’s dedication:)

Guilty Pleasure: All 90’s music and, I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, The Hallmark Channel!

Favorite Asana: Half moon


Kristin completed her 200 hour certification at Happy U Namaste in 2011 and has since completed trainings in pre-natal, yin, restorative, and ariel yoga as well as Reiki levels 1 and 2. Kristin’s classes emphasize proper alignment, harmony with the breath, and mindful movement. Kristin’s personal yoga practice has given her a deep understanding of the importance of being fully present, letting go of that which does not serve, and being content with ourselves as we are; this is what she shares with her students.


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Loretta Turner

Rockaway, NJ

Favorite Hobby: Setting up camp

Guilty Pleasure: Any wine under $5 from Trader Joe’s

Favorite Asana: Forearm stand


Loretta is a New Jersey-bred, San Diego-based certified leadership coach and 500 hour certified yoga teacher. She is an active member of our nonprofit community, both as a seasoned professional and a devout volunteer. Loretta’s teaching style is playful and uplifting, highly influenced by her roots as a dancer and musician. She has 9 years of teaching experience with expertise in vinyasa, hatha, yin, adaptive, and trauma-informed styles. Loretta strongly believes that “it only works if you do,” and she’ll always encourage you to put the work in!

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Dominick Cole



Favorite Hobby:

Guilty Pleasure:

Favorite Asana:


After Dominick’s adventurous bicycle ride from Texas to California in 2013 he studied 1000 hours of yoga teacher training here in California. His practice has assisted him in breaking through barriers of stress and tension which has created the foundation of why he shares the practice today. He believes that yoga can create a platform for desired growth and through intention, conscious connection, and self compassion we can continue unfolding into our truest selves.

Follow him on instagram: @domdoesyoga

Courtney Ford

Littleton, CO

Favorite Hobby: Outside adventures with my (fur)kid, Toby the Staffy

Guilty Pleasure: Binge-watching Sex and the City

Favorite Asana: Savasana


Courtney (E-RYT 200) began practicing yoga in 2013 and instantly recognized the countless healing benefits yoga has to offer. In 2015, she completed her RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certification through CorePower Yoga in Denver Colorado, with an emphasis in Baron Baptiste’s Power yoga and Vinyasa. Courtney’s classes specialize in biomechanics, injury management, and smart sequencing. Being a lifelong learner, she continues to study and practice to continue to bring the most innovative techniques to her classes while sticking to the true healing foundations of the practice. Courtney creates a safe, non-competitive space for her students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives to find deeper meaning and inspiration. Her classes offer intentional themes, emphasizing the importance of proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. Modification and advanced options are made available for new students and experienced yogis so that all can reach their potential. Courtney is honored to teach yoga, helping to bring balance, awareness, health, and happiness into other’s lives.

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Jon Old Rowe

Cottage Grove, OR

Favorite Hobby: Chanting, coded books, tattoos, and tea

Guilty Pleasure: Vacuuming. Then eating a giant tub of popcorn.

Favorite Asana: Matsyendrasana


Jonathan completed his first yoga teacher training in 2002 at Loka San Fransisco, and furthered his education with a 500 hour program in Agama, Thailand in 2007, a 200 hour program with Anna Forrest in 2015, and a 200 hour program with Annie Carpenter in 2017. Jonathan is a constant student of yoga who finds the practice to be potently healing both personally and collectively. He believes the practice is most potent when we are open to the deep wisdom that occurs moment to moment. Jonathan’s classes are an eclectic mix of traditional and more modern approaches to yoga that embolden his students to progress towards deeper layers of connection and experience.

Follow him on instagram: @jonoldrowe

Dana Short

Lehighton, PA

Favorite Hobby: Hanging out with my dog, Armani

Guilty Pleasure: Wine tasting

Favorite Asana: Balancing stick pose – Tuladandasana


Dana became interested in yoga over twenty years ago. She was so inspired by both the physical benefits and the clarity of mind it offered that she became certified as both a yoga instructor and a reiki practitioner. She taught in her home state of Pennsylvania for a few years, leading classes in both power and Kripalu styles, while her personal practice focused on Ashtanga yoga. Since purchasing Spirit Yoga in March of 2020, Dana’s passion for yoga has been renewed and she is especially enamored with the serenity in the practice of yin yoga.

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Lisa Locke

Syosset, NY

Favorite Hobby: Skateboarding

Guilty Pleasure: Eating

Favorite Asana: Handstand


Lisa is a New Yorker who graduated massage school in 2008. While in massage school she obtained her yoga instructor certification (200 hours in hatha yoga) and moved out to San Diego to spread the love (and enjoy nicer weather.) Lisa has been actively practicing yoga for over 10 years. She loves that there are a variety of different styles that offer a process of being present and in touch with the mind/body connection. Over the years she really came to love the physical practice yoga offers to keep strong and flexible. She believes all styles are important and beneficial to body and mind. Inversions are her favorite and she loves the constant challenge yoga provides physically and mentally. Her classes create a space for the students to take their practice where they want to go, truly focusing on breath to movement. You can see her out skating around Pacific Beach boardwalk, doing handstands on the beach, playing around with acroyoga or walking her little pup all around town. She loves sharing smiles and enjoys a good OM.

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Nazli Takesh

Irvine, CA

Favorite Hobby: Hiking. Being in the ocean. Cooking.

Guilty Pleasure: Donuts. But I don’t feel guilty about it.

Favorite Asana: Any backbend!


Nazli completed her 200 hour certification at Spirit Yoga in 2013.

Her classes offer an accessible structure to safely work through the physical practice with a lighthearted vibe. She invites her students to connect with one another, smile, and find community through the exploration of movement, breath, and mind.

Nazli also leads yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and a variety of continuing education workshops!


Follow her on instagram: @namastenazli

Rex Villena

San Diego, CA (but my heart belongs to Fukuoka, Japan) and I’m culturally and ethnically Filipino-American

Favorite Hobby: Video games

Guilty Pleasure: None! It used to be alcohol or carbs, but now I’m pretty proud & happy about everything in which I take pleasure.

Favorite Asana: I don’t have one! It used to be pigeon and then 8-limb pose, but my favorite pose now is whatever my body is needing.


Rex received his 200 hour certification under Helen Cloots in 2014 and is currently continuing his education in the Soul of Yoga Institute’s Yoga Therapy program. Rex was able to overcome trauma and move through some of his darkest days with the aid of the yoga practice and caring teachers, many of these teachers members of the Spirit team. He aspires to offering healing to all whom suffer, and give all he knows to those who seek it. Rex’s classes are a combination of dynamic movement, rest and rebound, and opportunities for silence and meditation.

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Lauren Rotunno

Chicago (suburbs), IL

Favorite Hobby: I’m a HUGE bookworm; I love reading (preferably in nature)

Guilty Pleasure: Hallmark Christmas movies (the cheesier, the better!)

Favorite Asana: Reclined butterfly, especially with a bolster behind my back so I can get my shoulders open at the same time


Lauren began practicing yoga since moving to San Diego from the midwest Chicagoland area. Fascination of the physical body and efficient moving was sparked when she joined a 1000 hour massage school program and she has integrated her knowledge into every yoga practice. Join her for an intentional and deeply beneficial practice that taps into the body’s wisdom!

Follow her on instagram: @lauren.rotunno


San Diego, CA

Favorite Hobby: Painting 

Guilty Pleasure: Burritos

Favorite Asana: Svarga dvijasana – Bird of paradise pose


Justice is an artist, yoga teacher, yoga student, cacao priestess, shadow facilitator, and ceremonialist, who can never stop smiling :). Born and raised in San Diego, she received her 200 hour training in 2015 in Santa Barbara, and in 2020 completed her 300 hour training in her second home of Peru! Her mission as a yoga teacher is to offer you a space to reclaim your body and remember your inner teacher; to remind you how beautiful you are & how your body and heart deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. She is honored to be a guide back home to your truth.

Follow her on instagram: @justicia_klein


Homer, AK

Favorite Hobby: Running

Guilty Pleasure: Cheesecake

Favorite Asana: Sleeping pigeon


In addition to owning Spirit Yoga & Spirit Barre, Torrey leads the Spirit Run Club and is an avid ultra-marathoner.  He began running during the last quarter of his senior year of high school to get in shape for wildland firefighting, his career of almost two decades.  In 2015 he started running longer distances and in November 2016 ran his first half marathon, the Silver Strand Half. In January 2017 he ran his first marathon, the Carlsbad Marathon. Then he found himself looking for even more of a challenge and ran the Lake Hodges 50k in October 2017. Since then, he has run the San Diego 50 mile in January 2018, his first 100 mile race, the Chimera 100 in November 2018, and the Moab 240.  It took Torrey 87 hours and 48 minutes to complete 240 miles. Most recently, Torrey completed the Mogollon Monster, a grueling 100 mile race in Arizona, in September of 2021. In October 2021, Torrey completed his goal of running the Boston Marathon.

Follow him on instagram: @torreyshort

Hana Pepin

San Diego, CA

Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Guilty Pleasure: Cheetos…but I don’t feel guilty about it!

Favorite Asana: Leg stretches


Hana has quickly developed a strong spiritual practice alongside her physical one. Constantly traveling and exploring her journey, Hana brings a lot of her experiences back to the studio with her. From leading cacao ceremonies to hosting mala bead workshops, and chakra education, Hana is well-rounded and well-versed in the spirituality within yoga.

Follow her on instagram: @hana.pepin

Armani Short

Tijuana, Mexico

Favorite Hobby: Devouring puppuccinos

Guilty Pleasure: Chasing his sister, a cat named Skylar

Favorite Asana: Downward Dog


Armani was adopted by studio owners Dana & Torrey in 2018. He was rescued from the streets of Tijuana where he was found with a shattered hip and many bite wounds. Now living the good life in Pacific Beach, he spends his days sleeping under Dana’s desk as she manages the veterinary hospital. He loves visiting Spirit (and is the official mascot…Insta-famous!) and you can often find him sitting on the benches in the front lobby or napping in his bed between his mom & dad’s yoga mats. He’s a little shy because of his traumatic time on the streets, but once he gets to know you, he’ll give you big smiles & wags!

Follow him on instagram: @armani_thedoodle