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Jenna Zabrosky

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Hobby: Travel, wandering through foreign cities with no agenda

Guilty Pleasure: French Fries

Favorite Asana: Hand Stand

Yoga instructor. Reiki master teacher. Mentor for new students. Jenna Zabrosky started her yoga journey twenty years ago in 1999 when her mother brought her to her first class. Being an athlete her whole life she was drawn to the flowing nature of the practice and the physical challenge. What began as a strictly movement based practice, has morphed into an entire way of life. It doesn’t matter what brings you to yoga, over time you find that you soften, you change, you become less reactive, more intuitive, loving, connected and kind.

She believes that “YOU’ are your own best teacher. She creates a space where students can drop into their own experience and embody a sense of inquiry through skillful sequencing, infused with mobility and strength practices. Yoga is not a one size-fits all practice and Jenna offers options to modify or challenge, allowing space for individual exploration.