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Kellie Livingstone

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite Hobby: Reading in the sunshine, traveling anywhere and everywhere, or spending time with my dog Bowie.

Guilty Pleasure: Breakfast burritos and Friends re-runs.

Favorite Asana: Half Pigeon

I have been sharing healing through yoga and yoga therapy since 2011. With over 2000 hours of teacher trainings under my belt, my classes and workshops are deeply inspired by my thorough knowledge of both the physical and energetic body. I am deeply inspired by teachers such as Jack Kornfield, Nischala Joy Devi, Richard Miller, Janet Stone, and Amy Weintraub.

I strive to inspire my students to foster an interest in slowing down, paying attention to the subtle things, and remembering your innate ability to heal yourself. My asana classes typically involve a deep focus on breath, meditation, postural alignment, and investigation of heart-seeded intention. Because of my love for both yogic philosophy and poetry, there is often an interweaving of the two within each asana class.