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Lisa Fasano

Hometown:  Syosset, NY

Favorite Hobby:  Skateboarding

Guilty Pleasure:  Eating

Favorite Asana:  Handstand

Lisa is a New Yorker who graduated massage school in 2008. While in massage school she obtained her Yoga Instructor certification 200 hours In Hatha Yoga and moved out to San Diego , CA to spread the love and enjoy nicer weather. Lisa has been actively practicing yoga For over 10 years. She loves how there’s a variety of different styles that offer a process of being present and in touch with the mind / body connection. Over the years she really came to love the physical practice yoga offers to keep strong and flexible. She believes all styles are important and beneficial to body and mind. Inversions are her favorite and she loves the constant challenge yoga provides physically and mentally.
Her classes create a space for the students to take they’re practice where they want to go, truly focusing on breath to movement.
You can see her out skating around Pacific Beach boardwalk, doing handstands on the beach, playing around with acroyoga or walking her little pup all around town. She loves sharing smiles and enjoys a good OM.